Scalp care to overcome the changes in hair which begin in your 30’s

Scalp care to overcome the changes in hair which begin in your 30’s

Recently having bad hair days,sparse bangs, a widening part, excess downy hair, a receding hairline… These concerns, which styling alone cannot solve, may be signs of the hair aging. Are you also experiencing an increase in hair loss, gray hair or finer strands? Let’s start caring for the health of your hair & scalp before these concerns become serious. Your future will be bright, if you proactively start your prevention care early.

If your hair isn’t turning out right, it’s an early sign of aging.

Your hairstyle and your bangs just don’t turn out right, or your hair easily falls flat… these are early signs of your hair aging. The cause of these concerns is the change in hair & volume due to finer strands and increased hair loss. You may think it’s still too early to worry about hair concerns, but the 30’s is the time when you face big changes in life, such as career advancement, marriage, childbirth and parenting. Stress from work or being busy, and hormonal imbalance cause a rapid increase in hair loss. Other causes, in terms of environment, are UV damage of summer and poor circulation due to lack of exercise when working from home.

An early start is the key to a bright future

In modern society, there exist many causes of finer strands and hair loss besides aging, such as UV radiation, lack of exercise, stress and postpartum hair loss. If you wish to enjoy ideal hairstyles today and in the future, act fast and proactively start your prevention care now! Starting scalp care now to condition the skin and maintain a regular hair growth cycle will be the key to having beautiful hair in the future.

Nurturing a healthy scalp & hair with


In order to keep hair voluminous, it is essential to maximize the hair’s active growth phase. In other words, it is important for the hair root to firmly take root in the thick, deepest layer of the scalp and continue to receive growth signals. Let’s realize hair that is thick, long and beautiful with “ADENOVITAL SCALP POWER-SHOT” which acts on the deepest layer of the scalp. A massage for promoting the skin’s blood circulation is also recommended *The scalp’s deepest layer is the fatty layer.

A lifestyle which supports the health of your scalp

When you always part your hair in the same place or have the same hair style every day, the hair is pulled in the same direction and a strong force is constantly applied on the hair root, making hair in certain sections more prone to fallout. Sometimes, it is important to part your hair in the opposite direction, or style your hair in a different way, to avoid applying strong force on the hair root. At the same time, improving the body’s circulation by exercising, such as stretching, getting plenty of sleep, and eating meals rich in protein, which is the ingredient for hair, also support scalp care.

How to use ADENOVITAL SCALP POWER-SHOT with Scalp Massage tips




【Recommended for】
・Those who have started to experience changes in their hair, such as increased hair loss or finer strands
・Those who are concerned about hair volume

・Core Powerizing Technology acts on the deep layers of the scalp to foster beautiful hair that is thick, long and voluminous
・4 types of medicinal active ingredients* promote new growth & hair growth
*Adenosine, Sophora Angustifolia Root Extract, Carrot Extract, Nicotinamide

Addresses the deep layers of the scalp for beautiful hair

(Scalp Essence)
  Supports hair growth by addressing the deep layers of the scalp.
Fosters hair that is thick, long and beautiful.
480mL(for salon use)

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