SUBLIMIC Hair & Scalp Check

Be Professional using the Diagnosis Camera to review details.

Checking hair and scalp condition including hair density and diameter, you can lead consumers to much more satisfied counseling.

Visible on the spot

Visualizing scalp and hair condition on the spot. Furthermore, even hair density and diameter would be digitized.

Improve satisfaction level

Technical analysis rises consumer satisfaction level and makes your menu proposal easier.

Save image data

Counseling through checking the care effect from the stored data, you can lead consumers to repeat.

How to use in Cosultation

You need to downlaod an exclusive app to use. Please download from Apple store or Google play.
Google DL btn Apple DL btn

① Shooting

Shoot the spot to analysis scalp and hair condition and/or density, diameter after connecting with an exclusive caemra.

② Diagnosis

The app suggest the level and result based on what you took. (Density and Diameter only)

③ Proposal

Make a proposal for consumers SUBLIMIC SS menu and home care items, based on the resutls and consumers' wishs. By showing the current condition, your proposal would be more professional.


Please contact to your local representative to use.

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