Experience our educational program, from basic to master.

STEP-BY-STEP learning with systematic program with master certificate. With ONLINE (E-LEARNING) + OFFLINE(In-studio Seminar) learning combination in all categories, it realizes the effective education. E-LEARNING course is accessible anytime, anywhere by mobile with animated videos. We also provide in-studio master class If you wish to gain more expertise.

Hair Care / SPa-Expert


SPa-Expert program focuses widely on topics like the product usage knowledge, skills, consultation skills. It aims to raise the stylists into the hair and scalp professionals whom the customers can rely on.

Hair Color


Color Master program focuses on understanding the color products and skill acquisitions, as well as learning the skill to propose hair cut designs and colors that are in trend and that suits individual customer.



Perm Master Program focuses on learning about theperm products including cold, hot and straight, coupled with the cut techniques that are in trend. It is taught by popular and skillful stylists.



Grooming Master Program consists of learning the proper method and knowledge of men’s hair care and scalp care which could add the extra care to the salon service.



Salon sustainability program aims to educate stylists on how to create a sustainable society where everyone can attain happiness, and raise awareness about social issues as a beauty company.

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