10 Questions To Your Favorite Hair Stylists

Discovering the lifestory of Top Beauty Creators. They are challenged to answer questions about their personalities, such as likes, inspirations, childhood...etc. You will get to know them better than ever.

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Introducing Miyuki Tani

Miyuki Tani

U-REALM Omotesando
Stylist/Hair up do specialist

First person to debut as a specialist in hair up do in her second year in the history of U-REALM
She is involved in a wide range of activities, such as hair and make up for models and entertainers, hair setting for wedding ceremony attendees, bridal hair, and as an outside hair and make up director.


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Introducing Yoshimi Sunahara

Yoshimi Sunahara

UMiTOS/Umitosunahara Beauty Parlor Representative
Hair and makeup Artist

Opened Umitosunahara Beauty Parlor in 2008 in Minami-Boso, Chiba.
Opened UMiTOS in Omotesando, Tokyo, in 2011.
In addition to salon activities, she was in charge as a hair and makeup artist for many famous celebrities in fashion magazines, beauty industry magazines, commercials, TV dramas, promotional videos, advertisements and more.
Active in a wide sphere, including traveling with clients as a hair and make up specialist to movie festivals in places such as Cannes, Venice, Busan, and Hong Kong, and for the 2019 G20 Osaka Summit in the summer of the year before last. Obtained qualifications as a government authorized mental health counselor, she uses that know-how in her salon work to create a popular original hair cut menu.
She has further expanded her activities to include serving as a special lecturer at Keio University to teach self-promotion skills to students.
Every year she continues to receive offers to lecture at seminars or judge hair cutting contests and photo contests, receiving the support of people involved in the beauty industry in every region of Japan. She pushes forward to become a bridge between the entertainment industry and the beauty industry.


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