ULTIST Creators Gathering

ULTIST Creators are the best brand ambassadors for ULTIST.

It’s your work and creativity that truly highlights the benefits of ULTIST.

Sharing your work is how we communicate those values to a wider audience, and how we can make ULTIST the ultimate choice for colorists and stylists around the globe.

We look forward to our continued collaboration and to helping ULTIST evolve and grow.

Voice from ULTIST Global Creators


ULTIST Future Meeting held on August 22nd. Have a look at it !


ULTIST Global Posting Campaign

Rules & Regulations
  1. The style shall follow the theme “My ULTIST”.
  2. The style needs to be colored ONLY by ULTIST.
    (Cannot use wig. For bleach process, please use BLEACH MASTER products.)
  3. The posting photo needs to show the whole hair style.
  4. The posting needs to have a title, and mark what ULTIST shades used in the caption.
  5. Available to apply several times.
  6. The style photo needs to be ORIGINAL and UNRELEASED/UNSUBMITTED before (other angles/clothes version of released style photo also prohibited).
    NO FILTER and RETOUCH for hair color. (Retouch for Skinht & Clothes are permitted.)
  7. Applicant shall get permission from model and photographer for photo usage.
    (Creator Prize Winner’s style photo will be introduced on WEB/SNS/flyer/booklet.)
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