Meet Your Color Design by COLOR MIRROR

COLOR MIRROR” – will find you the new hair color look for you.

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Simulator on Website

This simulates trending color designs, Gradation, Dip Dye, or even Dark Roots style, in real time.

Just have your smartphones. By looking into your camera, you will meet the new color design look.

This tool will enhance communication between customers and hair dressers at salons and allow for easy visualization of a desired look. Customers will be able to see how different color designs would look on them before making a commitment.

*Please read through Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy before starting.

*This service does not ensure the color service results, and may look different by devices.
*This recommends to use the latest iOS, Android, browser version.


Q1.Where can I download the app?

You can download the iOS app from the Appstore link below. iPhone and iPad are available.

Color Mirror iOS app

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QR app colormirror

Q2. How do I use the app?

① Choose the color design style.
② Choose the color group.
③ Choose the color shade.
④ Take a photo or short video/GIF.
⑤ Save or share the photo via social media.

Q3. What are these buttons for?

①A skin beautifying filter that shows your skin smoothly.
②A button to show hair color comparison. Left side is the simulated hair color by the app, right side is your original hair color.
③A slider to adjust the saturation of the color. If you slide to the top, the color will be more saturated. If you slide to the button, the color will be less saturated.
(For DARK ROOTS, there are 2 sliders to adjust color for the roots and the tips separately.)
④A button to unselect the color.
⑤A button to simulate your hair as if it’s bleached before hair color simulation. You can tap the button to turn on/off the function.

Q4. How can I change the language?

Choose the language on the right top of the screen at the main page.

Q5. My hair color doesn’t change.

Make sure that you have chosen the exact color shade from the second row on the screen after you select color group from the first row.

Q6. What kind of hair color designs can I try?

Uniform: one color shade for overall hair Gradation: gradual blending of one color shade that gets lighter towards the tips Dip Dye: one color shade at the tips, Dark roots: a darker color shade at the roots and a another lighter color shade at the tips with gradual blending

Q7. Which social media can I share the image?

You can share to any social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc from your device

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