Tint the mono-chrome world with feelings, and color your heart with affections. Splashes of lively hues swept the latest catwalks, as designers now try to express their aesthetic by using vibrant, empowering shades. Come sync with me. And tell me what color you go for right now to make this universe chromatic.

Apricot Layered Bob

Bold and vibrant glam-rock style with energetic layers and block-dyed colors

The asymmetrically block-dyed hair emphasizes the flows and effectively lessen the sweetness of the style even with the use of warm toned shades. Create some outward curls on the surface ends to add a dynamic 3D effect. Finish it up with cream for a textured look.

Mixed Color Undercut Bob

Mighty undercut bob with wide bangs and matching highlights for lustrous sharpness

Add a shadow root in navy to make the bob style look edgier, while dyeing the wide blunt bangs in cyan. The back and the ends are colored in lavender. Apply deep colors to add a splendor and generate a sense of unity by using similar colors. Style with spray and oil for a clear, sleek finish.

Airy Peach Bowl Cut

Feminine yet cool style with the round, uneven cut in romantic pink beige shades

Trim the bowl-cut bob asymmetrically with partially long bangs. Apply different colors on each section for a soft, 3D look. Use oil on the surface after drying to make it look sleek, while adding some nuances and lightness on the hair around the face with cream.

Contrasting Hime Cut

Bring energy into the style with modulated cuts and colors that accentuate the sturdy and liberating mood

Create two layers of graphical lines and then cut in blunt ends with adequate thickness. For a wispy look, make highlights with taupe grege dye as if the natural hair shows through from them. Rub oil before drying and then use a flat iron on the dried hair to leave a crusty texture.

Tri-color Ombré Long

Minimally designed hair with 3 different colors to create a positive harmony

Dye the midshafts on the pre-lightened section in beige with natural hair as the base. Apply deep orange and green dyes on the upper and lower sides. The overall design should be natural to bring out the playful color scheme. Use a flat iron for a sleek look, and add gloss with spray and hair oil.

Iridescent Step Mullet

Get a fresh look with inverted blunt lines with iridescent accent colors

Trim the hair while keeping the thickness to make the colors look deep and naturally blend into the natural hair. Apply beige dye and then layer green on it for a spotlighted effect. Leave the nape hair long and create different designs on the front and back for a modern twist. Reduce the volume with a flat iron to achieve a compact look.

Shaded Spiky Short

Dynamic style with uneven bundles dyed in contrasting colors of navy

Give a razor cut to the nape area for a choppy look. Color the roots in dark navy and the ends in lighter navy to create an ombré effect. Be sure to make the dark shades on the roots peek out between the gaps of hair bundles. Apply matte wax for a dynamic style and pull the ends randomly with fingers.

Bright Bowl-cut Mullet

Brighten up a bowl-cut mullet with happy colors for a brisk, fresh touch

Cut the hair in a bowl-cut bob with layers to create delicate movement. Dye the entire hair with a bright color and then layer yellow on the ends of the heaviest parts to highlight the round shape of the cut. Dry the hair after rubbing oil and curl it randomly. Style with cream for a lighter look.


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